Atremoplus polyphenols: Essential for optimized L-dopa assimilation!

L-Dopa, plays a key role in emotions, cognitive functions and mental dynamics

AtremoPlus is a high-quality  Vicia Faba food supplement rich in L-dopa and Vitamin E. 

L-dopa is the precursor of dopamine, also called the “molecule of happiness”. Dopamine has indeed a major impact on our mood, positive mental dynamics, and well-being. Recent studies also underline its implication in cognitive activities including memorization, learning patterns, and reward processes. 
A lack of Dopamine contributes to a bad mood, low mental dynamics, learning and memory difficulties, and can lead in some situations also to burnout,  chronic fatigue, and low libido. 

However, to enhance these functions, the L-dopa must arrive in the brain! Otherwise, it is useless.  

In the following paragraphs, you will find why polyphenols are essential to bring L-dopa into the brain. 

Dopamine also plays a key role in our body’s motor functions

In addition to its cognitive, emotional, and mental impact, dopamine also plays a key role in motor functions. Dopamine favors indeed fluid movements and motor dynamics. A lack of dopamine contributes to stiffness, slow movements, small steps, imbalance, falls, curbed attitude, low fine motor skills, lack of facial expression, involuntary movements, and sometimes even freezing. Freezing is highly disturbing, as the person tends to make a move but the body does not execute the idea and “freezes”. 

We will see below how important polyphenols are to reduce freezing and off moments. 

Loss of Dopaminergic Neurons

Experts consider that we lose approximately 10% of our dopaminergic potential per decade from our twenties. Pollution, stress, and genetic factors may accelerate this process and a healthy lifestyle can contribute to slowing the process. Once the cognitive and motor problems appear, it is important to support the organism giving it the additional ingredients to produce the necessary dopamine. And the main ingredient is L-DOPA. 

Polyphenols in AtremoPlus to regulate L-dopa transformation with fewer “off moments” and less freezing!

The main precursor of Dopamine is L-dopa. What does “precursor” mean? To manufacture dopamine, the brain needs the ingredients to do so. L-dopa is the main ingredient for the brain to produce dopamine. 

However, there is a major problem: The body can transform the L-dopa into dopamine before reaching the brain, where it is actually needed. 

AtremoPlus is elaborated from the Vicia Faba plant by a process that preserves the active ingredients. It naturally contains polyphenols that slow the transformation processes from L-dopa into dopamine. This allows the L-dopa, a small molecule, to pass the blood-brain barrier and to be transformed into dopamine where it is actually needed: in the brain! 
This inhibitor function of the polyphenols is essential, as it helps to keep the L-dopa available for the brain for as long as possible. L-dopa that is transformed too quickly before reaching the brain becomes useless.

AtremoPlus users report less freezing and fewer “off moments” and transitions between “on and off moments” that are smoother and not as abrupt and stressful as before. 

AtremoPlus is normalized in its L-dopa content, well tolerated and also contains Vitamin E

In addition, AtremoPlus is normalized in its L-dopa content to 21,5mg/g in order to provide a stable intake for its users. 

AtremoPlus contains also Vitamin E that favors protecting the cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Oxidative damage by free radicals is considered by experts as one of the main reasons for aging and degenerative processes. 

Atremoplus has been tested clinically and was very well tolerated by 100% of the participants of the study without any undesirable side effects. Generally, AtremoPlus users report excellent results while being perfectly tolerated. 

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