AtremoPlus, a Vicia Faba based food supplement, rich in L-dopa and Vit. E of 100% natural origin

What is AtremoPlus? 

AtremoPlus is a Vicia Faba based food supplement rich in L-dopa and Vitamin E. 

L-dopa is known to be essential in motor functions, cognitive matters, and mood and, in a more general way, in situations where the organism experience dopaminergic deficits. 

AtremoPlus contains L-dopa of 100% natural plant origin (Vicia Faba L). The food supplement is normalised at approx. 21,5mg/g of L-dopa in order to be convenient for persons needing a precise and regular intake. 

AtremoPlus provides also 
Vitamin E of 100% natural origin at the daily recommended dosage that supports the immune system and has a strong anti-oxidative potential. The EU regulator, based on knowledge and the scientific studies published to far, allows to state that Vit. E contributes to protecting the cells against oxidative damage.

In addition, AtremoPlus contains also oligo-elements at trace levels such as Vitamins A, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, C, D, K, carotenoids, flavanoids, tyrosine, amino-acids polyphenols, that help to regulate and slow down the transformation of the L-dopa. This is important to keep the L-dopa bio-available and to allow it to cross the blood-brain barrier. 

An extraction process that preserves the active principles 

It is important to note, that AtremoPlus is NOT made out of the beans, but structural parts of the plant that are far more concentrated in L-dopa. 

The complex and soft biotechnological extraction process allows the preservation of the active principles of the plant including the L-dopa. 

Where can I buy AtremoPlus? 

For the moment, you can buy AtremoPlus only on our official online store. 

Please click on the following link or on the button below to be redirected on the website to buy AtremoPlus:

We ship to many countries in Europe, to the UK, USA, Canada, and some other countries. 

This content can be important for people who need this natural solution. Thanks for sharing! 

Please note that this blog informed about our food supplement AtremoPlus and related topics.  This blog does NOT intend to give any medical advice. 
For all medical-related questions, please contact your medical health professional.  

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