Why is AtremoPlus normalized in its L-Dopa content provided from the Vicia Faba plant?

The normalization is essential for products of natural origin

AtremoPlus is a plant-based Vicia Faba food supplement rich in L-dopa and Vitamin E. 

In order to elaborate our high-quality Vicia Faba product rich in L-dopa, many precise steps have to be accomplished. This started with the selection of the best varieties of Vicia Faba L, the cultivation of the plants with the best climate and soil conditions to the extraction of the active principles, and the final packaging until the product will come to your home. 

One of these essential steps in this process is the normalization of the product.    

A normalization process that guarantees a regular L-dopa content

Nature has many advantages and provides us with excellent nutritional elements that are necessary to make our organism function in an optimal way.

However, nature is not linear. Once the active principles are extracted and transformed into the green powder,  the process of normalization starts. This means that the different batches are mixed together in order to get stable and regular L-dopa content. This normalization step is crucial, as it allows the users of AtremoPlus to have every day the same regular L-dopa content for their intake. Many of them are in situations where they need precise and reliable measures to be confident with their intake. 

What is the L-dopa content of AtremoPlus? 

The normalized L-dopa content of AtremoPlus is approx. 21,5mg/g.
The minimum dosage is 5g per day (2 well-filled scoops) and the maximum is 20g/day (8 well-filled scoops). Most of our customers take 10g/day, which means the 4 bottles/month package with decreasing prices. 

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We ship to many countries in Europe, to the UK, USA, Canada, and some other countries. 

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