Can Vitamin E help to protect the cells against degeneration caused by oxidative damage ?


Vitamin E is very important for the protection of the cells against oxidative damage. Together with minerals and other oligo-elements, vitamins are essential nutrients for the good functioning of the body. They boost your immune system, convert food into energy, and repair cellular damage. 

It is important to note that each vitamin has specific functions, and no vitamin can substitute for another one. Thus, the insufficiency of one of them may decrease the maintenance of your vital balance and may cause the development of diseases.

We comment on a study by T. Schirinzi and collaborators from the University of Rome on vitamin E and its potential benefits against degenerative processes. 

Vitamin E and it’s protective effects

Vitamine E occurs in different chemical forms and Alpha-tocopherol is the one that fits the best to the dietary needs of the human organism. In the food supplement AtremoPlus, Alpha-Tocopherol from 100% natural origin is used at the daily recommended dosage. 

Vitamin E is found in plants and several products of our diet, including in nuts, seeds, sunflower, and green vegetables. It supports the immune system and it favors the prevention of blood clotting. Additionally, Schirinzi and collaborators highlight the antioxidative potential of vitamin E. To understand the antioxidative properties of vitamin E it is interesting to see what is oxidation. This phenomenon is produced naturally in the body. The problem is that in some cases, especially due to aging, the free radicals produced in oxidation become too important and cause oxidative damage. Oxidative damage means that all types of cells and tissues are aggressed by free radicals that are looking for electrons in these healthy tissues and leave them damaged. Anti-oxidants, such as Vitamin E favor the neutralization of the free radicals giving them the needed electrons, and this way to neutralize their threat over the damage of these vital tissues. 

The EU regulator, based on knowledge and the scientific studies published to far, allows to state that Vitamin E contributes to protecting the cells against oxidative damage.
The high antioxidative properties of vitamin E are extremely positive to slow down the degeneration due to oxidative destruction of healthy tissues. 

Another interesting property of vitamin E is that usually it helps to have a mature looking skin. Skin is indeed exposed to many environmental stressors and can visibly benefit from the strong anti-oxidant power of Vitamin E. 

Could vitamin E contribute to producing beneficial effects for people suffering from degenerative situations in their organism? 

Interestingly, T. Schirinzi and collaborators performed both a clinical and experimental study assessing the benefits of vitamin E supplementation in one of the groups. They found that a higher dietary intake of vitamin E significantly reduced the occurrence of degenerative problems, and found a powerful, protective action of vitamin E for people affected by strong oxidative damages. 

To conclude, vitamin E is a nutrient your body needs to stay healthy and protect against free radicals. As such, food supplements rich in vitamin E may help to reduce degenerative oxidative processes in the body. 


Note: AtremoPlus is manufactured out of the Vicia Faba L plant that contains vitamin E at the daily recommended dosis combined with a multitude of other vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, flavonoids, and amino acids that are beneficial to maintain essential processes in the organism.

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Disclaimer: Please note that this blog comments on scientific studies in a general manner and does NOT perform medical advice.
For all medical-related questions, please contact your medical health professional. 


Reference:  Tommaso Schirinzi and others, ‘Dietary Vitamin E as a Protective Factor….: Clinical and Experimental Evidence’, Frontiers in Neurology, 10.February (2019), 1–7 


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