AtremoPlus: Moins de Freezing et de blocage moteur! Partie 1

22 February 2024
Une réduction significatif du phénomène de freezing/blocage...

Vitamin E , a game changer to fight Oxidative Stress with restorative properties!

28 November 2023
Why is Vitamin E so important?  Vitamin E is probably...

AtremoPlus: L-Dopa, the precursor of Dopamine, the so called "molecule of happiness"!

16 May 2022
Why is dopamine also called the “molecule of...


AtremoPlus enhances Norepinephrine/Noradrenaline levels ! But why is this so important?

09 December 2023
AtremoPlus significantly increases Noradrenaline/Norepinephrine...

Why is AtremoPlus normalized in its L-Dopa content provided from the Vicia Faba plant?

17 November 2021
The “Normalization is essential for products...

AtremoPlus, a Vicia Faba based food supplement, rich in L-dopa and Vit. E of 100% natural origin

15 November 2021
What is AtremoPlus?  AtremoPlus is a Vicia Faba based...

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AtremoPlus: a food supplement rich in L-dopa and vitamin E of 100% natural origin containing also many other highly beneficial oligo-elements at trace levels