Vitamin B12 contained in AtremoPlus food supplement at trace levels

As many other essential vitamins, vitamin B12 is essential for the organism, including degenerative processes.

Which foods are rich in Vitamin B12 and what specific functions does it support? 

Like many other essential vitamins, vitamin B12 also called cobalamin, is not synthesized by the human body. It has, therefore, to be taken from a healthy, regular diet. Fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and milk products, are examples of products rich in vitamin B12. 
Food supplements containing Vitamine B12 can be an additional source if the diet is poor in this vitamin. 

Vitamin B12 has several major functions in our organism. Firstly, it helps the brain and nervous system to function properly. Blood formation, especially red blood cells, is another important part where this vitamin is important. It is also known that it helps to synthesis the proteins to produce DNA. DNA can be considered as the main source code that determines complex processus to maintain the body functional over time, including in the replication of the cells. 

Disturbances in these essential fields can lead to major problems over time and Vitamin B12 has these mutliple important roles that contribute to homeostasis. 

Problems related to Vitamin B12 deficits? 

A multitude of problems related to Vitamin B12 deficits can be observed.

First of all, we can mention stomach and intestine problems, but also brain-related problems and problems with movement coordination, balance, muscle weakness, and tingling of feet and hands.  Generally, people affected by a deficiency of this essential vitamin may also experience fatigue, weakness, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, pale skin, constipation or diarrhea, loss of appetite, or gas. Vision problems may also be one of the consequences of lacking Vitamin B12. Finally, mental problems, concentration, and attention problems, memory loss may also be related to these deficits. 

What group of persons is likely to have Vitamin B12 deficits? 

It is common for older people to have low levels of vitamin B12, either due to not including enough of this vitamin in their diets or from its age-related malabsorption.

There is more and more evidence that industrial food production lowers the vitamin levels in food and it becomes complicated to find all necessary vitamins in the daily diet. We are told to eat at least a certain number of fruits and vegetables per day, but soil depletion makes this challenge difficult, as we would have to take many fruits and vegetables to get the right Vitamin and mineral content to make our body function properly. 

It is also important to note that leaky gut syndrome is considered to be in relation to Vitamin B12 deficiency. This syndrome favors itself malabsorption of Vitamins and minerals and creates a vicious cycle that contributes to further degeneration of the body. 

It is important to mention that alcool misuse can also lead to malabsorption of nutrients including Vitamin B12. 

Vegans and vegetarians might have difficulties finding food that is rich in Vitamin B12 and possibly lack this Vitamin. It could be useful to complete their diet with food supplements. 

Note: AtremoPlus is manufactured out of the Vicia Faba L plant that contains vitamin B12 at trace levels combined with a high concentration of L-dopa and a multitude of other vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, flavonoids, and amino acids that are beneficial to maintain essential processes in the organism.

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