AtremoPlus: improved sleep quality part 1

Our survey revealed a significant improvement in sleep quality!

Following your recent questions and comments about our newsletters, we’ve noticed that many of you are keen to learn and better understand your situation, and the impact of taking AtremoPlus on your quality of life.

We very much appreciate this positive exchange with you, which also enables us to enrich our knowledge. With this in mind, we’d like to share the information we’ve gathered with all our users, to promote better collective understanding. It’s important to stress that you don’t need to be an expert or a scientist to understand the issues at play in your body and improve essential parameters.

As the saying goes, “A well-informed man is worth two” 😉

With this in mind, we’ve decided to present the mechanisms behind the benefits felt by many users. What’s more, the recently completed survey, which you can still take part in by clicking here, gives us the opportunity to quantify the improvements we’ve seen.

As the famous scientist Galileo Galilei said, “only measurement makes science”.

We already knew from our pre-clinical and clinical trials that our product had excellent results for the motor and cognitive dynamics of people taking AtremoPlus.

Better sleep for our customers

The topic we’d like to share with you in this newsletter concerns SLEEP in relation to Atremoplus, as our recent survey revealed an amazing discovery and excellent news, which should be of interest to you!

The survey showed that 61% of participants reported a significant improvement in sleep quality after taking AtremoPlus.

This finding is all the more significant given that some users have no sleep problems in general.

What’s even more remarkable is that among these 61% of people, an average 66% improvement in sleep quality was observed since taking Atremoplus. We are delighted to share with you some of the comments we have received:

“Before Atremoplus, I woke up every 2 hours, had choppy nights with long stretches of insomnia”… “I woke up late in the morning and was often still tired” … “I had the feeling of having lost a good part of my day” …. “despite my mornings sleeping in, I’d wake up without much energy or the desire to do anything.”

“As I’ve been sleeping poorly since my illness, I was afraid that taking L-Dopa at the end of the day would prevent me from sleeping even more, but one of your advisors told me that it wasn’t an excitant”…. “I must admit that by taking my supplement 1 hour before going to bed, my nights are much longer and more peaceful, and I wake up feeling great in the morning – it’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way!”

In our next Newsletter

As sleep is a vital and wide-ranging subject, we’ll be developing it in our next two newsletters from the following angles:

Why is it so important to get a good night’s sleep? How can sleep be disrupted (even more so for people with neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s)? What recent scientific discoveries demonstrate the amazing regeneration mechanisms that take place during sleep?

We are seeing a significant improvement in sleep quality among our customers. What are the reasons for this? What are the underlying mechanisms of the active ingredients in Atremoplus that work to improve your quality of sleep?

These fascinating topics will give you even more ways to improve the quality of your sleep, and ultimately your quality of life. You are the main actor in your own well-being, and understanding this is one of the keys to moving in the right direction.

We look forward to meeting up again to discuss these topics in greater depth, and would like to remind you that survey participants will receive a 25 Euro discount voucher as a thank you 🙂

We wish you a great summer!

The Atremoplus team

This content may be important for people who need this natural solution. Thank you for sharing


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