AtremoPlus L-Dopa: An Amazing stability of its users over long periods!

Remarkable immediate and long-term effects of AtremoPlus

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Have you tested AtremoPlus only with 1 bottle?

Perhaps you missed out on very important benefits… Why?

The results of our clinical studies clearly demonstrate differences in the assimilation of natural L-Dopa depending on people.

Those who have a very favorable genetic profile feel the effects within the first hours after taking it, but others need 3–4 weeks to adapt. Experience shows that starting with 5g the first days and then gradually increasing to 10g per day, shows in most of the situations the tremendous benefits of AtremoPlus you can expect.

Our recent customer survey confirmed indeed that AtremoPlus users sleep better, are more physically and mentally mobile, have less pain, can do activities they could not do before and their quality of life is thus significantly improved from the start and increasing over the first month.
This also concerns our clients who have had Parkinson’s disease for many years, even decades, as they have unexpected results.
Some of its positive effects even intensify over time.

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In addition to the significant effects over the first weeks, AtremoPlus also proves very positive in the long term!

We regularly have users, but also neurologists who call us to understand more about this unusual stability over time without having to modify the dosage. Frequently, Neurologists are able to reduce by 25-50% the conventional part of antiparkinson drugs (which was also demonstrated in one of our clinical studies) and therefore its side effects.
For AtremoPlus, our customers report that the effects often potentiate over a period of time while remaining surprisingly stable afterward over long periods.
It is well known that the effects of conventional antiparkinsonian treatments diminish over time, and that their dosage must be increased until they reach a limit that must not be crossed.
The active ingredients enhance not only considerable effects perceptibly very quickly, but also users and their neurologists experience in addition an unusual stability over time.
This represents a tremendous surprise for those who know the usual vicious circle of the wearing off phenomena that does not appear.  
The release of AtremoPlus on a large scale seven years ago allows us to observe this stability with the necessary hindsight, the astonishing contribution of AtremoPlus over time.

Although unusual, there are still rational and scientific explanations for this phenomenon of stability.

Why this extraordinary stability of AtremoPlus users over long periods of time?

Our scientists were able to demonstrate in the pre-clinical model that there is significant and selective protection of dopaminergic neurons through the active ingredients in AtremoPlus compared to the control group, which did not receive AtremoPlus. This demonstration already gives a real basis for the origin of stability over time.
But what could be the mechanisms of the active ingredients in AtremoPlus that can contribute to providing an explanation of this long-term stability?
As a reminder, AtremoPlus contains L-dopa from the Vicia Faba plant, standardized for a safe and precise dosage at 21.5 mg/g. Vicia Faba, selected from a wide range of varieties, contains L-dopa which is highly assimilable and metabolizable for humans, which explains the rapid effects. Thanks to the polyphenols naturally contained in the plant, this L-Dopa remains in its state and can thus be transported across the blood-brain barrier into the brain. This phenomenon certainly also explains the feedback from customers and neurologists, who note that the transitions between the “on” and “off” phases are much smoother and the phenomena of “freezing” are becoming rare. This observation is also valid for people who have had Parkinson’s for a very long time and whose conventional treatments are having less and less effect.
It is also interesting to note that our natural product contains a plethora of trace elements known for their powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacities. AtremoPlus contains vitamin E in the recommended daily dose, and likewise a mix of almost all the important vitamins and minerals, amino acids, flavonoids, carotenoids, polyphenols, in trace levels, all known to be beneficial for the body.
Experts believe that the two phenomena, namely rampant uncontrolled oxidation with age and chronic inflammation which is one of the consequences, are among the main causes of aging and degeneration of our body. The active ingredients coming from the selected Vicia Faba are thus a veritable armada to combat these destructive phenomena.

The feedback from our customers and their Neurologists on the stability of the body over time therefore has coherent and rational explanations by the virtues of the natural active ingredients that make up AtremoPlus and moreover, this confirms our excellent pre-clinical results.

All these positive perspectives seemed necessary to share for those of you who gave up too quickly due to lack of information, but also for our loyal customers who are enjoying better living conditions thanks to AtremoPlus.

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